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AdAway Download To the rescue: Admit it, we all have faced the situation when we see those annoying ads while using some apps or while playing some games. Imagine a scenario where you have been trying to complete a particular level in a game but because of a stupid ad you were interrupted just when you were almost done with it. There is no need to worry about it and get irritated by those stupid ads. Here is an android application to your rescue AdAway Download this app if you are also facing similar issues.


AdAway Download



Ofcourse, the developers of some apps have thought this through and they came up with programs, such that we cannot run their application with the Ad Blocker(before AdAway Download) activated.

According to the wise saying:

Never underestimate a businessman’s mind and never try to harm their business in any way. It is useless to do so because they will always come back with something smarter and better. You just can’t defeat someone who never gives up.

But again the app developers came up with AdAway Download. With this ad blocker you can specify such apps and use AdAway for rest of the apps.

Here, in the android section of Underground Apk you will find it easily along with many other applications which were not available on Play Store from its initial days or which have been taken down from the Play store.


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Requirements for Adaway for Android:

AdAway for android

Below i have mentioned all the requirements of Adaway for Android

  1. Android Phone(version more than 2.0).
  2. A hand(with fingers will be good).
  3. A brain hopefully.
  4. A rooted device.
  5. System partitioning Access.
  6. Knowing about Underground apk.

Features of Adaway for Android:

Below are all the feartures of Adaway for android

  1. Get rid of ads.
  2. Runs in almost all android phones today(might have some problems with HTC devices).
  3. Complete your work or game level without any interruption in the form of stupid ads.
  4. Stay focused on only the game you are playing as most of the ads will show a new interesting game.
  5. Stay Happy, free from anger.
  6. Stop reading the features and see how to install.


How to Install Adaway for Android:

Adaway download or any other apk file:-

  1. Open the default browser in your android device and open
  2. Here you will find great amount of android, windows pc, MacBook apps.
  3. Click on  the Android section from the primary menu.
  4. Click on the Adaway download button.
  5. The user will be redirected to the post
  6. Click on Download.
  7. You will see that download will start automatically as soon as you Click the button.
  8. Run the downloaded file from the browser and you will see an install option, click on it to proceed.
  9. You will be notified when the app is installed.
  10. Manage settings according to your convenience.
  11. Not killing me for this article.

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Some user reviews :

Michael, USA:

This app has saved a lot of my time as those ads were really getting on my nerves

Kaity, Phillipines:

This app really works great, i wonder why is it not available on Play Store.

Philip, Berlin

I just want to say Thank you to who ever made this app.

Marie, India

Works Wonders, Thanks.


This app is crazy cool. Great job.



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