What makes you say that a particular thing is different from the other things moving ahead in the same race? It is their features that gives you a jaw-dropping experience and make your eyes wide open to look at the offerings. These awesome features insist you scroll down through the amazing contents each time you pick your phone from the table.

Selection of an app is not an easy task and especially when some others are also in the race to create a revolution in the Android market. Well, here I will be mainly focusing on the news app and the detail description of one such news app that has overtaken all the others in the race.


  1. Awesummly presents you the content in just about 60 words thus keeping your eyes on the main points. Today these newspapers in the race of attracting the maximum of the user’s attention towards itself kept on throwing things on the white paper. So the attention moves towards this awesome app which can let us know the happenings across the world of the specific word limit.
  2. What most attracts the user towards itself is the sharing of the contents of our close ones. Really this feature makes it prodigious from the other news app.
  3. Now you can listen to the audio news at any time and anywhere. If you like hearing the news then place the earphone on your ears and dive deeper into the world of knowledge and information.
  4. Now you can save your contents for offline reading. If you are unwilling to read the news at that sort of time then save that part and whenever your mood is on, just tap on the article and read it.
  5. It automatically notifies you regarding the news which has been on the top of the list. So, even if you forget to read the breaking news of the day, the app will let you know with this awesome feature.
  6. It covers all part of the field starting from the thrilling world of the sports to the news from the mysterious world.

Download this best news app for android or else you read short news directly from their website.



  1. Awesummly is completely an ad-free platform. There are other news apps that create hindrance in the way of our reading and so this problem is sorted out in this app. Now read your news without the botheration of any nasty advertisements.
  2. It uses its source to grab the information from all around the world and present you in real time.
  3. It also helps to strengthen your personal feed with the reading of your favorite news.
  4. It allows you to save your news for future reading and also features audio facility of the world-class news.
  5. It boosts your reading experience to another level with awesome cricket commentaries and the thrilling game finish by the batsmen.

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