Complete guide to get you through Gmail signup process

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How to make a Gmail account?

In this modern era we live in, electronic mail is as important to us as any other invention. Whether it is for personal or be it professional work e-mail is used by almost everyone who uses the internet. You need an email account not only to communicate i.e. send and receive data but also for registering on various types of websites thereby creating a new account in them as well.

For example let us say you want to use websites like Facebook, Skype etc., you need to have an email account to sing up and start using these services. Almost 2 billion people use Facebook and most of them have signed up using an email account. This is a rough figure of how widely an email account is used.

Out of all email service providers the most widely used is Google’s Gmail, the reason being its easy to use interface.

Gmail Sign up Guide

To get started: Once you have started your web browser, visit the Gmail Sign up page or enter the following address in your browser’s address bar-

Click on “Create a new account” button on the top right corner of the page. See the info-graphic below:

gmail sign up guide

Fill up your Personal Information– Once you click on the above button you will be redirected to a new page. In this page you have to fill up personal information about you. The following things will be asked in the guide:

gmail sign up guide

  • Name– First Name+ Last Name
  • Username– You have to choose a unique username as this will be the id, people will be mailing you on. Choose it in such a way that people can recognize you. It will be quite possible that you won’t get your exact name, so try it with variations like using a dot(.) in between.
  • Password- Choose your password wisely because your email account may contain sensitive or private information regarding your personal or even profession life.
  • Confirm your Password- This is just Google’s way of checking that you entered the wanted password the first. Make sure both theses boxes match.
  • Birthday- Enter your original birth date.(Recommended).
  • Gender- Enter your gender.
  • Phone number- Enter your phone number. This will be used to enable features like text message notifications and also if you forget your password, a recovery code will be sent to your number.
  • Your current email address- Enter it if you have any. This will also be used for recovery purposes.

Click on next after filling in all the details and click on Next Step button at the bottom. You are all set to use gmail now.

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