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Have you experienced the free Mobdro video streamer yet? If yes, then you must be searching for tested and factual additional features of this streaming app. For a basic introduction, Mobdro is a video streaming app for Android users intended to surf videos for free. On the other side, you have major streaming apps like YouTube or Hotstar. Then why you would want another application like Mobdro to stream videos??? Go through our Mobdro review to find out the advantages Mobdro has over such mainstream apps.

This Mobdro review is completely unbiased and based on true facts and testing by our experts.

Mobdro review
This article shares valuable information like about the contents, availability, pricing of Mobdro application. And also it points out the must-know terms for your safety and privacy.

Let’s shed some light on the following Mobdro User Involvements:

  • Availability for devices.
  • Recommended safety majors.

Mobdro is officially launched only on Google play store with no alternative for iOS device users, which is actually a sad part of the story. But this is only half-true. You may know that some unofficial Apk files of Mobdro are available on App store to make use of it. We can’t guarantee the liabilities of those files, but some users have been known to use said apps and have proven that these apps cannot be trusted.

Mobdro review

While using such downloadable files, users noticed that none but one worked like Mobdro, while the others were simply rip-offs with a similar name. But even the one that does work similar to Mobdro is not the verified app and hence it is strongly advised that said apps not be used. If you intend to use Mobdro for personal use, always use files verified by their authenticity straight from the website.

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Using files that are not verified may cause you a drift in the slippery zone. Yes, unauthorized apps under the false pretense of Mobdro can steal your personal data. For safety reasons, it is always advisable to download only verified files.

Mobdro review- Latest App reviews

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the official Mobdro application is available via Apk download only, and any app with a similar name on the Play Store is simply a rip-off. The basic aim of this review till now has been to make our readers aware of the authenticity of the Mobdro app and steer them away from fake apps scamming our readers into disclosing personal information.

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Mobdro Premium & Freemium Pricing:

It provides both free and paid plans for its users. One of the apps available on the Play Store allows users to use Mobdro for free, however the apps is ridden with ads and the quality also remains poor. There is an ad-less system in the premium account of Mobdro which offers no ads during the streaming time. Mobdro’s premium account subscriptions cost only €2.99/year with a one-time payment. Mobdro premium also allows its users to capture streams and provides Chromecast support. The Premium upgrades for Mobdro are still a work in progress, however the Freemium version is available for all users.

Mobdro review
Streaming Quality on Mobdro free app:

Since most of the streams provided by Mobdro are provided by outside organizations, the stream quality provided by Mobdro depends on the stream quality as received by the servers. However, any buffering or slow connection messages as displayed by the app may be a result of a slow internet connection or the connection reaching its maximum bandwidth as Mobdro is a real time streaming app with minimal lag.

On Other Such Streaming App is Hd Cinema Apk


Contents are not trust able at the moment. The contents presented by Mobdro are not of their own. They stream it from virtual torrent websites with copyright issues which are a gross thing to worry about.

The good thing is that they have several channels like The HBO, CNN, world service and much more to surf. You can experience outstanding shows like “Community”, “The Family Guy”, and “Adventure time” which are quite out figured with views. You can still discover shows around the web.

Mobdro provides videos of two categories. With Webcams and Videos running on YouTube, Twitch, etc., which will make people think that Mobdro is a third-party video streamer. Mobdro is however looking for solutions and has employed the use of streams from direct Channels such as CNN, OnePlus etc. in their live section to provide more exposure.

It constantly keeps crawling the web and fetches new visuals while you are enjoying a video or a steam which is a good part of Mobdro. In short, we can tell you that you don’t have to search for new videos published on Mobdro, it will automatically update the newest ones in it’s categories.



What do you really want from a support tech when you’re facing an issue with the app? Instant answers? Helpful FAQ? Mobdro provides you with that and much more. While working on a live chat feature for the future, Mobdro ensures that their users get instant replies when queries are submitted through their online form. Also, a basic FAQ is available for all users at any point in time if the Mobdro app provides any problems for users.

 Mobdro Review


Switch to any reliable VPN to stream Mobdro anonymously. Mobdro, as mentioned above, does not own its own streams and provides streams from other websites. Hence, these websites may provide you these streams as a third person who might cause a copyright issue later, or even try to rob files from your phone by providing unnecessary traffic and transferring personal files in the background. So VPN for Mobdro is a perfect decision.


• You can easily find out top searched videos in your required categories like News, Channels, Shows, and Movies on Mobdro.
• Can share interesting videos with your buddies online.
• An offline feature is available for premium users of Mobdro, that allows users to download and store their favorite videos on the Mobdro app.


• Videos are brought to you by pirated servers or sites with copyright issues. This can be a legal problem later on.
• Mobdro’s party line is a little bit messed up with primary bugs.
• Quality on Mobdro is static, hence a slow connection may cause buffering that ruins a viewer’s experience.

So Mobdro is not the first one app ever to offer free videos or streams online, however it happens to be one of the only apps offering a yearly subscription for a lowly price of €2.99. However, only the Freemium version is available as of now, with the Premium version still in development. While the Premium version offers attractive bonuses such as saving streams and uploading them to your cloud storage, the Freemium version in the meanwhile is a must try as it is one of the up and coming ways to stream quality content from across the globe.

Mobdro review – Final verdict on Mobdro

One might argue that YouTube is providing the same service without any copyright issue, however YouTube does not give you access to channels like HBO, CNN and others like Mobdro does. Also, unlike YouTube, Mobdro provides a continuous stream of live content from channels globally, while YouTube is a platform for content makers to ‘maybe’ stream, while mainly content consists of videos. Also, unlike Netflix, Mobdro does not have the permissions to stream already recorded episodes of shows, hence crowd favorites like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ or ‘Friends’ are less likely to make an appearance, however currently running shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Modern Family’ are a surety, as long as you know the timings of said shows.

Another advantage of Mobdro over other apps is it’s sports live streaming feature, as sports from all around the world ranging from Polo to Volleyball to public favorites like Football and Cricket are all available for live viewing on Mobdro. With Mobdro, you wouldn’t miss a beat in the English Premier League or The Ashes, as every second of every game is on Mobdro.

We hope this Mobdro review really did helped you. You can also comment down below any changes or more information you’d like us to provide with in future reviews. Any valuable suggestion is appreciated as well as constructive criticism is encouraged. We hope to see you back here, as hope that Mobdro serves you well. Until next time, Ciao!

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