Mobdro TV Free Sports

Sports enthusiasts always face problems when it comes to enjoying sports on a smartphone. You have always been confused about the best app available to watch free sports. Isn’t it? Well here it is- Mobdro TV Free Sports app offers you a wide variety of different channels related to sports.

Whether it is Football, Cricket, Baseball or even Basketball, you don’t need to worry a bit because Mobdro TV Free Sports has got you covered in all these and many more sports- whichever you are interested in.

There are many apps that promise that they will provide uninterrupted streaming of LIVE SPORTS matches but we definitely are aware of the fact that how many of them actually stick to their promises.

Mobdro TV Free Sports

As you can see in the picture above, there is a separate category for sports lovers- You can stream sports videos as well as channels that showcase sports.

You can also add your favorite movies, videos or channels to your special list and watch it anytime later.

You should be able to control your smartphone as you control your TV sitting comfortably at your home, on your couch and be able to choose from all the channels you have.

Is Mobdro TV Free Sports app a better option than your TV?

Mobdro TV Free Sports

But Mobdro TV Free Sports is still better than your TV. Now, you must be wondering how can a smartphone application be better than your “LEGENDARY IDIOT BOX“.

Let me explain it to you! Before you decide to throw rotten tomatoes at me *._.*

You guys already have an internet connection. It isn’t rocket science to figure it out since you are here. Also most probably you are paying for a TV Connection too.

Now just imagine that instead of paying for internet connection and Television connection separately, you just have to pay for an internet connection. That would be a much better deal, right?

That’s the catch if you have a good internet connection you can just download the Mobdro TV Free Sports application and get unlimited access to Television channels without paying anything extra. The app is absolutely free to use.

Not only TV Channels related to sports, you can also enjoy movies, music, lifestyle or entertainment channels too.

Save some extra Bucks with this app which is free to use

Make quick bucks

Mobdro TV Free app is the best deal you are going to get if you want to save some money. I mean who doesn’t want to save a few extra bucks? I would be lying if I said that i wouldn’t like that!

Whether it is movies, music, dance, entertainment or anything else you are interested in. Everything is here on Mobdro free app.

Features of the Mobdro TV Streaming

As a simple streaming app Mobdro TV provides channels that range from different channels of Fox Sports to five streams of Sky Sports and also different Premier League club channels like MUFC TV, Liverpool TV and others like Barcelona TV.

Basically, the meaning of this is that every minute of every match is available for your viewing on the Mobdro TV Free Sports app as long as you know the schedule. And I mean, how hard is a schedule to find nowadays?

Moving on from sports, Mobdro TV also allows you to watch live TV shows like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’ While it is unlikely to catch re-runs of shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ or ‘Friends’, live TV is constantly broadcast-ed across hundreds of live streams on Mobdro.


Premium or Freemium? What’s your Mobdro Preference?

A freemium account on Mobdro allows users to view basic streams and live events, jump straight into live shows on channels like ‘HBO’ and ‘MUFC TV.’ However such an account does not allow users to download or save any of the streams. Mobdro TV are currently working on a Premium account, for only 2.99 Euros a year.

This allows users to upload streams to their cloud and also download streams to their phone so they can share them with their friends. Also, Mobdro Freemium is plagued by Ads, that leads to streams cutting midway and buffering time. However a Premium account would fetch you ad-free streams.

Premium accounts would also grant users Chrome cast support, and also allows users to set a Sleep timer. This triggers a mechanism such that the app shuts itself in case left open in case a user leaves it open and goes afk. And let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen asleep staring at a screen.

However, Premium is still under development, until then however, freemium accounts of Mobdro are available for all users  to experience meanwhile.

Mobdro TV Free Sports

Advantages of Using Mobdro TV Free Sports App :

  1. Free live streaming of almost all major channels like ‘CNN’ and ‘HBO’ while also streaming every minute of football, cricket, golf and such sports.
  2. Premium accounts allow the downloading of streams, as well as uploading of streams on the user’s personal cloud.
  3. Live section of Mobdro TV allows viewers to jump into immediate streams providing live telecast like news, sports.

Disadvantages of Using Mobdro TV Free Sports App :

  1. Since Mobdro does not have rights to the streams it broadcasts, legal rights and issues may block user’s viewing rights.
  2. The Premium account upgrade has been under development for a while now. And there is almost no definite date of when it will become available to users.
  3. The Ads in Mobdro TV force users to wait while videos re-buffer, hence causing breaks between viewing experience. Also since Mobdro is live through third party streams, there is no way to dial back to the missed seconds.

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