Seattle cops slaughtered a man carrying an ink pen for reasons unknown

Seattle cops slaughtered a man carrying an ink pen for reasons unknown















Tommy Le was not as much as a day from his secondary school graduation in Seattle when he was shot and killed there by a neighborhood agent the evening of June 13.

On the off chance that you Google his name — and read the stories about his passing — you will see that the following day the nearby news stories discussed a perilous, “knife-weilding man” who police apparently had no real option except to shoot and kill after they guaranteed he declined to put down his weapon.

But Tommy Le wasn’t employing a blade. It was an ink pen. That didn’t stop a King Country Sheriff’s Deputy from discharging three shots straight into the chest and stomach area of Tommy Le.

No blade was found on his body or anyplace on the scene. He had no criminal record and no history of brutality. I’d jump at the chance to see that ink pen. Where I originate from, ink pens and blades don’t look alike.

The representative for the division has said that they won’t be discharging any photographs of the pen the officers stated resembled a blade. They likewise won’t be discharging any camera film or dashboard camera film — not on account of they have it and are holding it — but since their area of expertise doesn’t have those cameras introduced.

Thus here we are — stuck in a position where Tommy Le can’t represent himself and the main story we’re left with is the police account.

Colleagues of Le disclosed that they’d be astonished on the off chance that he even weighed 150 pounds — calling him a “little buddy”. Other reports from instructors and schoolmates called him a “silly little person” and “a bubbly child” who companions could “converse with about anything.”

In 911 calls, occupants in a rural Seattle neighborhood revealed that Le’s conduct was impossible to miss. While he didn’t have any known history of emotional instability or medication utilize, signs recommend he was having some kind of psychological well-being crisis and needed a restorative intercession. The shooting stunned his cohorts so much that they at first demanded individuals must be mistaking Le for another person.

Tommy Le ought to be alive right at this point. Regardless of whether he was having a repulsive response to some substance he ingested or an irregular maniacal break, what is clear is that he could have and ought to have been ceased somehow other than shooting and murdering him. One officer guaranteed they let go their Taser and missed. Another officer guaranteed their Taser hit Le, however had no impact on him. To be honest, that is impossible.

In the event that Tommy Le was hit with a Taser, and the snares were appropriately secured on him, it would’ve left him speechless. Again, in light of the fact that these officers didn’t have a solitary camera, we’ll never entirely think about that. In any case, what we do know is that police murdered a man who was employing an ink pen.

Officers ought to in any event be required to check whether the thing they accept is a blade is really a blade and not an instrument for composing. The way that the office is declining to discharge the photograph just energizes the hypothesis that it looks so much dissimilar to a blade that expecting it was one is ludicrous all by itself. I concur with the hunch that if Tommy Le’s pen looked cut like, pictures of it would as of now be flowing right at this point. They aren’t.

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