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Zapya Free Download For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1| Zapya for Android and iOS

Gone are the days when we used to wait a lifetime just to transfer a single song or a photo via Bluetooth. Movie sharing was not even thought to be possible for a mobile phone then. Data sharing over smart devices have changed revolutionary since then.

As technology is developing fast, it is also making our daily life easier at an exponential rate.

The same is the case with Software Applications. You can find a software or application to automate almost every task you can probably think of. “There is a software for everything”.


Transferring files fast has always been the need of the hour, as we felt it, the developers felt it too. So, very soon many such applications were developed which could transfer files from one device to another in lightening fast speeds.

Such an application was Zapya. Zapya is undoubtedly the best data transferring app available out there. Whereas apps like Xender and Shareit follow closely behind. The exponentially growing user database proves that Zapya is the best data transfer app and the users are really satisfied with it.

Zapya app has been keeping up to the expectations of the users, improving its services with each update and the users are loving it.

Zapya for Apk

So, let us check the amazing features it has that made it the best among all the data sharing application out there.

Features of Zapya

Zapya for pc

We have always only dreamt of a high speed data sharing app but it was all before Zapya was introduced to the public. Zapya has revolutionized the aspect of data sharing.

High Speed data transfer is just one of Zapya’s amazing features. Let us check out rest of the features which makes Zapya excellent in their field.

  • High Speed File Transfer

The most extreme speed limit of data exchange observed through the Zapya App is 10 Mbps. Obtaining such high speeds for data transfer is simply amazing because it would take only about 100 seconds to transfer a data of 1GB.

Just imagine the time a regular Bluetooth data transfer would take for a file as big as 1GB. This high speed feature enables users to transfer not only pictures and photos but also huge files like movies and games to different devices which would take only minutes.

This is one of the best features of the Zapya app.

  • Multiple Platform Support System

Another notable element of the Zapya app is its capacity to allow data transfer in all the widely recognized mobile phone platforms like Android, Apple and Windows. It can also be used to to transfer files in PC, this features gives it a upper hand from its competitors.

In addition to this, it allows ‘share’ feature between two different platforms. For example if a person 1 say has an android phone and person 2 say has an iOS device. This should be a problem for most of the data transfer apps but the same is not the case with Zapya.

You can transfer files between any devices, be it Android, iOS or even windows. It won’t be a problem as long as you are using Zapya .

  • Group Sharing Feature

Among the many brilliancies, the next amazing feature that Zapya app offers is ‘group sharing’. As the name suggests it allows you to share files with multiple number of people at the same time. These amazing features are not supported by other data sharing apps available in the market.

“Definitely not for free”

If you are looking to spend some money then there might be many options that offer similar services but none of them are as good as Zapya.

Yes, not even the paid ones. This is something very few applications can boast about and Zapya definitely has the right reasons for it.

  • Help you get a new phone with old memories

The heading might sound stupid but hear me out, you will feel me. Remember the times when you have bought a brand new phone but you are missing out all your stuff(memories) from your old phone?

Here is the time when Zapya comes to the rescue. It allows you transfer all your photos, music, media, contacts and even messages within minutes. You can get all your precious data in your new phone.

Isn’t that something you would call amazing?

Download Zapya for PC-Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Zapya for pc

As i have already mentioned previously in the article, Zapya is available for all the devices- Android, iOS and Windows. You can download and use Zapya for PC easily on you PC or laptop but there are some steps that need to be followed before you can do this.

You will need an Android Emulator in the process. You can get many Android Emulators but the most famous is Bluestacks emulator. You can download it easily on your PC and once you are done with the installation, you can proceed further.

Here is a detailed, step to step guide on how to download Zapya for PC.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to use Zapya on your PC.

Zapya for PC



You need to download an android emulator (preferably Bluestacks) on your Windows PC.


Once Bluestacks(or any other emulator) is installed just run it and open Google Play Store.


Log in to your Google account and from the Google Play Store, search for the app- ZAPYA and click on install button.


Once it is installed you can easily use Zapya on you PC and transfer your files.

Download Zapya Apk for Android

Zapya apk downloadAndroid is comfortably the most widely used operating systems in the world. The reason being its easy-to-use and highly customizable interface.

This makes downloading and installing Zapya apk on your device easier than anything.

There are two ways to download Zapya apk on your device. I will be explaining both the ways in the detailed guide below. Just follow the steps and you are good to go.

Method 1

From the Google Play Store


Go to Google Play Store and log in to your Google account.


Once you are logged in to your google account, you can use the search feature of Google Play Store. Now use this search button and search for Zapya.


Just find the real Zapya app from the search results and install it.

That’s it! You can use Zapya app to transfer files on your Android device.

Method 2

Zapya apk

Another method to download Zapya apk on your android device is a little complicated but let me guide you to it.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Unlock your android device and go to the Settings section of your Phone.
  2. Now go to Security>Allow apps from unknown sources. This step will allow you to download and install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  3. Now open your browser on which you have downloaded the Zapya apk file.
  4. Tap on Downloads section of the browser and you see the installation process start automatically.
  5. You will be prompted with “Terms of Service and conditions” to use this app. If you agree Click on Agree and move to next step.
  6. Click on Install Now and the Click on Done. That is all now you should be able to see the Zapya app on your device.
  7. Now you are ready to use the app and transfer any files you like.

Download Zapya for iPhone

Zapya for iPhone

Downloading Zapya for iPhone is pretty similar to download Zapya on your Android device. You just need to go to the App Store, search for Zapya and chose the app and click on install.

Zapya for iPhone will automatically be installed on your iPhone in some time. This is the easiest way to download and install Zapya for iPhone.


Zapya is undoubtedly the best data transfer-sharing app out there. It has all the amazing features as mentioned above which needs for an app to be called the best. Along with the support in all smart platforms, their customer service is pretty great too.

They take their feedback seriously and eliminate all the bugs in their updates. There is nothing more you could expect from a company.

These are all the reasons which make Zapya the best file sharing- data transfer app out there.

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