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Assuming that all of you have probably heard about the biggest e-commerce website: “Amazon”. I am going to skip that part. Here, in this post i am not going to discuss anything about the regular ‘Amazon app’ which is easily available on the Google Play Store. As we at Underground Apk are always working hard to get the latest and best applications to you at the lowest of cost. Just Kidding, we are providing our services for FREE will always be like that. If someone pretends to be at Underground Apk and asks you to pay he is definitely FAKE. “Amazon Underground app Download”

So, here we are back again with another ‘Underground App‘:


Amazon Underground Apk

Amazon Underground APP Download

No, we did not add that underground to the regular Amazon app. Trust us it is a whole lot different. You will come to know about how is it actually different from the regular amazon app in a while. Just keep reading and bear with us for the time being.

Before installing any thing to your device you should know what it exactly is, right? That is the way to protect your device from useless viruses and scams. So, read our guide on Amazon underground app to reach the depth of this app.

What is Amazon Underground App?

Amazon Underground app is the most unique platform for Android users but with a twist. While it is completely free for its customers for services like apps and games etc. The twist is that Amazon pays the developers of these apps according to the time user spent using it.

Amazon Underground Apk

Requirements of Amazon underground APP:

  • An Android Device
  • Android Version greater than 4.0
  • Phone memory more than 500 mb (Just in case if you want to download apps).
  • Once again a hand,and a brain would be great(Sorry for these jokes).
  • You should know about Amazon Underground APP

Features of Amazon underground APP:

  • For consumers the main functions include access to many games and apps for free. Amazon Underground App
  • It is like a new app store which even provides benefits to the developers.
  • Amazon pays the app developers per user per minute.
  • The price developers get is 0.002$ per minute a user uses their app.
  • Also apps on Amazon Underground are different than the apps on Play Store or the App Store.
  • The best part is it is free. Yes, you read that right all the apps are free.


Amazon Underground app
Amazon Underground App Download for Android

How to install Amazon Underground(Amazon Underground APP Download)

  • Open the default browser and go to
  • Under the Android Section, check out the list of apps available on the site.
  • Find and click on Amazon Underground app.
  • You will reach the post with the download link.
  • Click on the link and the download should start automatically.
  • Once the file is downloaded, Run the downloaded file.
  • Tap on Install Now as it prompts on the screen.
  • Great, if you follow all these steps you are good to go.
  • You can use the app now.
  • Enjoy.

Final verdict on Amazon Underground APP

If you want to stay at home and still want to earn money then you need to find quick and easy ways to do so. By reading this article you probably already know that you can earn some hefty amount from Amazon Underground APK as it will pay you per minute/per user. So, if you are an app developer you will be earning really good and that too while doing something you love. (Of course if you are an app developer by choice and not by pressure.

So, as it turns out it can be a great opportunity for you guys to earn well. Well, so what are you waiting for?
Go ahead, start making some apps and start making some bucks. And of course you can thank me later (via pizza).

Some User Reviews on amazon underground APP:

Amanda says:

Amazon Underground app in itself is a money making machine. They actually pay you for real

Rohit says:

The apps are really cool and you will love enjoying the free stuff on the store. Too good

For our detailed Amazon Underground app review, Keep yourself updated it will be posted soon.


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