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As we promised to provide you with all the free applications, so here we are. Keeping our promises! These applications are not only for android users but on Underground Apk we provide the underground apps for IOS users as well. Here in this article go for Amazon Underground IOS

People usually think that only android users can have all the fun with cool apps and customizations but it is not so. Though, i agree that it is true to some extent in case of customization and all but iphones have their own perks too. Let’s not get to that discussion now. We will do a special post review on Android vs Iphone in future. Stay connected to know about latest updates.

Amazon Underground IOS

What is Amazon Underground IOS?

First of all we already wrote a complete detailed article on what is  Amazon Underground which you can read here.

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Anyways if you do not want to visit that link or due to some reasons you hate Android or Android related posts i will tell you a brief idea of what it is here itself.

Amazon Underground is a platform just like the Google Play Store and Apple App store from where users can download games, apps and other customer based offers and that too completely FREE. Not only this but Amazon Underground IOS also acts as money generating machine for app developers. There is a special surprise for you if you are an App Developer. You can learn how to get rich without putting continous efforts.

Amazon Underground IOS


  • An Apple Iphone.
  • IOS version 8.2 or higher.
  • Two hands will be preferable(one is also good).
  • Knowing about Underground Apk.
  • Being a human being.
  • Not killing me for these puns.

Amazon Underground IOS


  • You can download many different games and apps.
  • First of all the apps and games you will find here are slightly more sophisticated.
  • App developers have a great chance of earning good amount of money from here.
  • Amazon pays 0.002$ for every user using your app for a minute.
  • All the features are 100% free for its customers.
  • The platform is faster as not many people know about it.

How to download:

Amazon Underground IOS
Amazon Underground App Download for Android
  • Open the browser of your iphone(Safari preferred).
  • Go to
  • Under the latest posts, look for Get Amazon Underground IOS.
  • Click on the link and you will be redirected to the same post.
  • Read the post again and realize you have been trolled.
  • Click on the Download Now button.
  • Your download should start immediately.
  • If it does not start automatically, choose next download button.
  • You can download the file from the new server.
  • Every download button indicates a new server.


The data collected for IOS users was not enough to display the statistics.

If you would like a detailed review stay connected.

Though it will be updated soon under the reviews section on

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