Complete Guide on How To Host Someone On Twitch

Are you a crazy Twitcher & finding effective ways to stream more games and videos focused over time? Well, if you can host someone on your twitch chat that would be fine to get some attention. In case you don’t know How to Host Someone on Twitch, this following article would help.

What is Host Mode: Host mode is kinda something by which you are showing or promoting contents of someone else on Twitch. Twitch allows its users to host any broadcaster’s program/channel with its user interface.

Hosting someone really pays off when you are away from your channel. In other words, that makes you stay active even you are not in there to manage things.

Available platforms for Host Mode: Host Mode is currently supported by web browsers, X box and Mobile.

Let’s learn how to host someone on twitch [Step-by-step] :

You can host Twitch streams via three methods.

They are 1) Via Chat

2) Auto host

3) Twitch Application.

After these you may have got a slight idea on how to host someone on twitch. Let’s proceed further.

Chat: To start hosting with chat, simply go to your chat box and write “/host (channel name)” and press enter. After that you will be showing the following channel’s videos to your audience.

For example, if you want to host Maxart,  then type “/host Maxart “.


Auto host: There is a whole list of pre-approved channels available for hosting. You can simply pick one and can start.

Go to Channel settings and look for Auto Hosting option at the bottom line.

Turn “ON” the option “Autohost Similar Sites”. And you can add your Team Twitch or preferred channels you would like to host on your channel while you are offline. At least choose 10 channels for primary purpose to get an overview. Later then you can get your hands dirty with those.


Note: Auto Host Works best while you are  away. If you think you can’t stay managed to stream all yourself, then give it a try.

How To Host Someone On Twitch

Twitch Application: Twitch officials rolled out a application intended for hosting purpose. But i haven’t finished yet. This application was only for IOS devices, which means there was no option available for Android users. And the good thing is they have fixed that in recent update.

Update: Twitch is now available for Android too.

Let’s stick to the agenda at the moment. So the question is how to host someone on Twitch Mobile application.

It is too simple. If you choose one video to host right away, click on the gear icon in twitch app and click on “Host (Username)”.

How Hosting channels helps you ?

Look, the fact is very clear. Suppose you don’t got very much cool stuffs to feature on your channel and losing a quite number of viewers daily.

So the main tip at this circumstance is to troubleshoot that with Host mode. Host some eye catchy channels on your channel and create a bond with general viewers of your channel.

And if you are getting some personal works over time and unable to watch out your channel stuffs, then Host mode will act great. After all, you have got the method of how to host someone on twitch.

Just select some channels you would be hosting and go do your own stuffs. Streaming will take place automatically in your channel. You can also do that with sponsored hosting. Some channel streams may pay you for hosting their channels to give them more exposure.

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Auto Hosting Working method: You would be thinking if Auto host will interfere in your live stream or not. No, that won’t happen once. It only works when your channel is put offline.

Auto Hosting waits for only 3 minutes to start automatically after you go offline. And it does stream channels without any technical issues, which means no issues to you too.

Note: When you intend to start a live session, auto hosting will automatically turn down as you start to do so.

Unhost someone you don’t want to host more:  No more interested in hosting channels? Just go to the “Chat” and type “/Unhost Channel name” and you will be no longer able to host it until reconsideration.

How To Host Someone On Twitch

How to host Yourself on Twitch:

  • You can ask out your close friends or gaming partners to host your channel. When they host your channel, you will get some publicity and some name too.
  • When streaming your own videos, you can ask out your audience for a quick shot. There will be at least 10-20 streamers around who will make it easy for you.
  • Also encourage your viewer to host channels. When they will be out of option with how to host someone on twitch , they will surely ask you to be hosted. That’s it. You got the point!
  • Share your experience and do make them amazed. Tell them how to host someone on twitch and build a profitable network with them.

Tips While hosting Other channels:

  • Do check twice before hosting a channel is relevant to your channel or not. That may cause real problem if not traced.
  • Viewers having no interest in other channels rather than yours may fed up with your channel and consider it not to watch.
  • Do host while you are really need them. It is better to host your videos than anyone else. Because that means extra free kind of promotion to them.

These are the all valuable methods and tips i knew. And i am sharing it bit by bit here. If you really liked my work, give us a Facebook share or Stumble Upon like.

With all these, i think you don’t need any extra details about how to host someone on twitch. If you still have any queries, please comment below and we will get back to you.



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